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irreplaceable possessions

Insurance companies will replace a TV but how can they replace your grandmother’s wedding ring, grandfathers war medals, and family heirlooms? How do you protect those sentimental items? A safe deposit box, that’s how!

Many people believe that by hiding family heirlooms in a box under the bed, in a safe in the floor or even hiding them in an air-conditioning duct is secure, unfortunately this is not always the case. The media reports on a weekly basis how thieves have stolen precious items; grandfathers war medals, jewellery, memorabilia and even entire safes from homes.

Safe deposit boxes still remain the most pro-active solution for the secure storage of your personal valuables, both of monetary and sentimental value.

Do you know of a friend or a relative that has had something precious lost (however it may occur)?

Do you have a relative in an aged care facility where their belongings have just disappeared or diminished over the years?

Are you dealing with an Estate where possessions need to be protected?

There are many different reasons why people choose to have a safe deposit box, but there is just one answer why they do and that is to make sure that what is important to them is protected to the highest level.

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